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Program Overview

Sanford Health is dedicated to supporting students pursuing careers in high growth professions. Partnerships are in place with many schools across the Midwest to financially support students in achieving their career goals. For select, high-demand professions, financial assistance will be available at participating schools to support tuition and other expenses in exchange for a specified work commitment at Sanford Health.

Program Benefits

  • Receive financial assistance in pursuing a career in a high growth profession.
  • Work with one of the largest health care systems in the nation in achieving your career goals.
  • Depending on department sponsorship requirements, you may pair with a Sanford Health mentor to assist in your education journey success.

Eligibility and Ongoing Requirements

  • Must be fully accepted into a participating program.
  • Enrolled and actively progressing in specified program prior to their last semester.
  • Specified full-time work commitment in the position they’re being sponsored for post-graduation. Depending on department requirements, most sponsorships require a 2-3 year work commitment.
  • Unless outlined by the department, must maintain at minimum a GPA consistent with the academic program requirements and show forward progression through the program of study.
  • Must commit to participating in Sanford Check-Ins (email, phone, or in person) during program of study and submitting academic performance.
  • Must sign a contract before payments are processed.
  • For health care related sponsorships, completion of clinical rotations at a Sanford facility is preferred.
  • For non-health care related sponsorships, students may be required to participate in an internship experience.

Payment Information

  • The sponsorship award dollar amount is variable, depending on the cost of the program at the participating school.
  • Sponsorship is not a guarantee of employment.
  • Post-graduation, sponsors must work full time in the agreed upon role in an area of need until the work commitment is fulfilled.
  • If the employee does not maintain full time status during the work commitment period, the sponsorship award will transition into repayment.
  • Upon employment, a percentage of the sponsorship dollars are forgiven with each pay period worked throughout the duration of the work commitment.

Take a look at our available sponsorships below and apply today. If you do not see any sponsorships, we may have filled all openings for the time being. If you’d like to be notified when sponsorships open next, we invite you to join our Talent Community.

Available Sponsorships